Monday, June 3, 2013

Muggle Mail

On June 3, 2012 at 10:52 A.M. Colton Johnson wrote:

I've been grinning widely as I have received the same letter about the garage door about... 5 or 6 times.

 It brings to mind Molly Weasley and her letter entirely covered with stamps. The postscript was something like: "I do hope you receive this letter, as I wasn't sure how to use muggle mail. I hope this was the right amount of stamps." It made me laugh. :)

What an amazing mission I've been called to. God has truly led us to people prepared. We picked up a former investigator who we promptly set for Baptism on the 15th. We were talking with a family named the------ their son, ------ 11 years old, at the end of our lesson said he wanted to show us a new family he was friends with. 

We (as in mostly me) were surprised, and we went over to this family in the apartment complex. We meet this woman who is a recent convert.  

Her daughter comes up as we're introducing ourselves and listens in. She then proceeds to tell us she went to a Christian church, and had "a beef with y'all not being Christian." Then she says that that was before she actually read the Book of Mormon and received a witness of its truthfulness. 

"Doink. Oh, uh- that's uh, pretty great"! 

She then asks if she can retake the lessons, cause she missed one, so she can be baptized!

The last person we showed up to. whoa!

 Ok, so if you look at ---- Cr. on Streetview, you can see our house, the little cottage attached to a grey house. Two houses to the right there was a barbecue. Everyone there  is Mormon (everyone here in this circle is Mormon, it's amazing, like Grandma Johnson's land - *Barnwell, Alberta) 

We talked with -----18, who mentions she is a convert, and her mom is not a member. My missionary senses tingled.

 My companion is talking to somebody else, but I ask what her mom thinks about the church. She said, oh, she loves it. She called her mom over, and she came,  we laugh and talked, and then she wanted to set up lessons. WHAT?!?   So cool.

This whole experience of being a missionary has  been a huge testimony builder. 

I thought my mission was going to be hard and unfruitful, and only by hours walking and tracting we would find people. This is not my work though, it's God's, and He loves these people. He is going to help them, and I am a lucky vessel that can help deliver his gospel, the bread of life.

One more thing! (said in Jackie Chan Show imitation) We are covering a Singles Ward and a family ward, and as such, have been incredibly busy. When out with the YSA, a returned missionary was out and about with us. 

I asked him what advice he had. 

He told me the Lord had called ME on a mission, and I was to be the best version of myself, but Colton Johnson was called (and I would add, not a cheap imitation of John Groeburg). That hit me really hard, as I needed to hear that.

Also, a chef named T-------- payed for our meal at Maccaroni Grill- we payed a tip. But Crazy or what?

I love you so much. SO MUCH! Your poems from General Conference sustain me. Also, I see the need for music. I went crazy till I bought Lower Lights. 

I love your letters. 

Share the good news.

My family, and my mom, is the best.

Elder Johnson

PS Alma 56.48


Same day, 

(add on in answer to  Dads email)

Well butter,

I am being fed here until I drop. I have had an abundance of food. It is ridiculous. Everyone here thinks I am going to starve, and an oft repeated theme has been resurfacing, the call to "get some meat on them bones."

Unfortunately, I've got no letters yet. It's funny, because the only letters I've got so far (And I mean I've got no letters since I arrived in Las Vegas has been the one Mom sent me. It brings to mind Molly Weasley, sending a letter covered with stamps everywhere, and a postscript: "I do hope this makes it to you, I wasn't sure how many stamps to put on it." I have received that letter 6 times.

I really love you dad, and it's been marvelous out here.

We knocked on a door and a 13 year old girl bore her testimony on the Book of Mormon and expressed her desire to be baptized. Talk about a shocker.

Hurrah for Israel!
(Would you read these two to Bruce and Eliza?)

I love you buddy. Missionary work is amazing. How are you? What have you been doing? Have you read Redwall? :) Any good Nonfiction?

So excited to hear you get deodorant. Ever since you've been a wee lad, you've wanted to steal ours, and me and Zac always got a good laugh. :)

I love you dearly. You can just write me through email if it's easier. Love you


I love you! You are the best. I loved the first letter I got from you, and I shared it with everybody. It made me laugh. I saw a sign yesterday that had Alpha and Omega!

 How's everything at home?

Teach Tipper any tricks? Any good books?  I love you darling.

 If you want, email is easy, so you can write me here. 

Love you


  1. Love it. It is so amazing to see the Spirit touching him and leading him,