Sunday, June 2, 2013

Letter Home 5-20-13

This is a letter we received via mail written on Mission Stationary from the Vegas West Mission home with greeting letter From Mission President and his Wife and a photo enclosed :)


Dear Family

There is a man in Antarctica.  He has suffered his entire life with cold feet, and extremely dry feet.  This man had a revolutionary idea.

That man made my shoes.

I arrived in Las Vegas.  Crazy!  We woke up at 3:30 this morning.  I wrote a sappy letter to our district. We then left, and my life moved on to the next phase.

Las Vegas is a gigantic sprawl surrounded by hundreds of miles of an exact replica of Mars.  Inside of Las Vegas I can see mountains and sky, and guess what?  (Read this in your best Junie B. Jones voice)  It's actually rather nice here.  It's cool in the shade, and nice in the sun.  It's 73 out, though its supposed to get to... 88 today *oof :).  Apparently that's nothing.

I've been nervous and excited all day, I even tried to give a gent a pass along card.  He spoke to me as politely as possible, making it clear that he was watching for the moment he could be offended.  I could see it in his eyes.  We still had a nice enough conversation.  Booyah...

It's 2:10, At 6:00, I will have a Senior companion, an area, a lesson, and maybe an anxiety attack... lol, I am totally kidding, that just sounded like the perfect thing to put there.  I love you SO much.

O.K. Bye.

Colton Johnson

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