Monday, May 27, 2013

An email from the Landlords!

I think Mormons are marvelous!!!  I got this today from Colton's Landlords/Bishop&Mom of the ward where he is serving.  Today is a holiday and the libraries are closed, so we were prepared for the sad two week delay of news.  

I know it isn't something I should mope about, but knowing that I shouldn't mope didn't seem to have any impact on my heart decision to mope anyway. I felt my brain try to comfort my heart with its knowledge that Colton is Captain Adventure and I know his brain is all "home where???" "family who???" & 

 but I'm a mommy and my heart wants what it wants... AND I wanted a letter!  

So today I kept checking my inbox, hoping for something!  


I got this today and it warmed my heart.  

"We are happy to have Elder Johnson join Elder Lee.  This is Elder Johnson's  first p- day in the field and they are doing laundry. Elder Johnson already gave his first sacrament meeting talk. We love his happy energetic smile. He is dedicated to the work.  We look forward to getting to know him better.  They are living in our little Cottage ( converted garage ) 

From Bishop * & Sister *

Feel free to contact us at any time. We enjoy having the missionaries so close. "

(I'm leaving specifics of names and places for people's privacy.)

It makes me want to go take pictures of our awesome missionaries and email their mommies the updates of how much we love them and what good they are doing for the people in our area!   I'm going to play this forward!!!  

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