Monday, May 20, 2013

ColtonMail#3 5/16/13

I Love you guys, 

I found a way to get in one last letter. I just went to the temple again, and it was amazing. I love you so much. Invictus has been running around my head all day. 

I started out this day a tad irritable. It was the first morning I have felt anything less than stoked. Things were getting on my nerves. I was grumpy and some elders were getting on my nerves.  A quote from Master & Commander has a description quite applicable: "I have never met a man (men) who so thoroughly enjoys such a small amount of wit." 

See how grumpy I am?  All this waking up early is finally making it tough for me and my mood. Luckily, I said nothing I would regret to anyone, and instead lapsed into moody silence that needed to change.

At the Laundry room in the time I mailed you, I had been reading 3rd Nephi, and I got through 2-17. I realized that I needed to stop taking offense, like Eliza. It doesn't matter, and I am big enough to not let such small things hit me. When we got to the temple, I realized how great each one of us are, and the noble potential we all hold. I am not mad, and feel disappointed at how petty and small I can be sometimes. However, I am excited,  because through Christ, I can become so much bigger, so much better.

I don't know if this works or not, but I prayed for Christ and Grampa Johnson to help me feel Charity. Is that right, or just a nice sentiment poorly applied?

I can't write again for a while, as I leave on Monday, so next time I hear from you will be the Monday after next.

I wrote today that   "Wit is only honesty cleverly put."

I also have realized that memory is a legitamate skill and shows great intelligence. I want to be better at it. Everyday I look at the "I give men weaknesses that they may be humble." I think this is inspiring to me.

At the temple, I felt a great courage surge through me. I felt like I am beginning a great new adventure. God will look after me, and I am so excited to go to Las Vegas!

Uncle Marc sent the best letter to me. It was powerful, and inspired me.

I love you so much.


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