Monday, May 27, 2013

New Pictures From Sister Black!!

Oh How I love Mission Mom's!  Colton can't get a letter out this week by email because libraries are closed today, but "Where God closes a door, somehow he opens a window?" (break out Sound of Music soundtrack)  and Sister Black updated the blog with some pictures including Colton

She states:

 The new missionaries have been here for a few days now and hopefully
had a few missionary experiences.
As we see them, we see they are a little more at ease.
They, along with their companions, came together again
for a review and for a discussion as to how the
first 12 week program is going. 
 This is Elder Colton Johnson and Elder Lee his trainer who is From Monroe WA.  In his latest email, Colton wrote very briefly that his trainer came out in Feburary.  They look pretty happy, However Colton omitted the part where he tells us what city he is serving in...Ah, well.  From the paragraph he wrote he sounds happy, and that we can expect a letter from him next Friday!  
 I see here Colton (front left center with striped tie) is holding court and already enjoying telling some fun story.  That is a fun familiar sight!!

I found out Elder Black his mission President is a Dentist!  I think its a sign!  He's in good hands!  Colton, Papa is watching out for you from heaven!  

And again...His wife takes pictures and posts them!!!  Hurray! 

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