Monday, May 20, 2013

Letter #1 Sunday May 10 2013

Hey Mom, Dad, family,

I am alive.  And oh-so-hot and sweaty.  I love you guys so much.  You are wonderful. 

DO NOT MISS ME!   You have sent me to the best mixture of Hogwarts, Conference, and Church... and cub-scout day camp - given the preponderance of sweaty boys with gargantuan enthusiasm and no knowledge.

If you want to writer a real fast letter, go to

This is an amazing work.  God is entrusting me with real precious souls.  I can't mess up.

I'm with Elder Heindinger (from Alberta) and Elder Aldorf (from South Dakota).  11 days left.  Guys, I have to memorize a ton.  Woo!

I can't call, so I am writing, No mothers day, I'm sorry!  I love you guys so much.

I don't have much time!  I love you!  Goodbye!

Colton Johnson

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